Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pad Ped Moo - Thai stir fry

Pad means stir fry and any type of Pad Thai is perfect for the grab-and-go. You can find pad thai sizzling in woks on the streets on Thailand. Cooked very hot and very fast, it is a popular food for street food vendors.

It has been a busy March (sorry, no posts.) so a quick yet satisfying dish was needed. Pad Ped Moo is made with belly pork, Thais tend to use many parts of the pig and the fatty part of pork belly makes the dish. The hot wok will sear the pork and render the fat quickly, cooking the pork in its own fat. You know that sounds tasty.

Many types of vegatables can be used to accompany the pork belly. I went with peppers and beans. Feel free to use Thai peppers but I stayed away from using them. They are great peppers but I had a situation once where I ate a whole one in one bite and due to the extreme hotness, I basically passed out for 20 minutes. I'm sure the beers aided in me taking a little nap but I couldn't take the heat.

1 lb pork belly, small dice (freeze for a bit to make dicing easier)

2 cups of Chinese long green beans, cut into bits
1/2 cup green bell peppers, sliced
1/2 cup Thai red peppers, sliced
2-3 cloves of garlic

3 tablespoons red curry paste
3 tablespoons fish sauce
1 tablespoon Palm sugar or dark brown sugar
1 teaspoon salt and pepper

Add pork belly to the hot wok and sear until the pork turns brown. Add the red curry pastes and mix.

Then add the fish sauce, garlic, sugar, chilis/pepper.

Stir fry for a few minutes to combine flavors.

Garnish with chopped green onions and coriander and serve over streamed Jasmine rice.

The dish had really great flavor. It would taste very different if another type of pork was used. I'm a big fan of pork belly, nice layer of fat, meat, and skin. Cooked right and you will get crispy skin and moist, fatty meat. Combine it with snappy pepper and beans and you have a great pad ped moo.

I love the flavors of Thai food and though it doesn't take much to cook and prepare this dish, it doesn't disappoint in any way. Any time I get roasted meats combined with rice, I am a happy man. More Thai food on the way.....


  1. Made this tonight, and OMG was it good!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. One tip, if you can add in finely sliced fresh kaffir lime leaves to this, you will never go back to having it without! One of my favourites that I make pretty much once a week.

  3. Great Recipe thanx for sharing very spicy and hot!
    I did a variation with pork ribs......Booom .. Love it