Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Usinger Bratwurst - Smoke 'Em for 60

Another post on Wisconsin bratwurst but I can't help myself, they are so good and I must spread the word!

This time I used Usinger's bratwurst. Usinger's is located in downtown Milwaukee on Old World Third St. It started as a butcher shop in 1880 and has grown into a family-owned sausage-making factory offering everything from bratwurst and hot dogs to blood sausage and head cheese.

Here is their historic television commercial.

I love beer brats like anyone who has had them but smoking the bratwurst over low heat brings a whole new flavor to it. Hence, the self-pinned name Smoke 'Em for 60 Bratwurst. Smoked and cooked for 60 minutes over indirect heat turns the Usingers into snappy, juicy, delectable goodness. Condiments go well with them but they are so flavorfull, it tastes great on an undressed bun.

Usinger's sell their brats fresh in the stores, uncooked and not frozen. The bratwurst are made of finely-grounded lean pork. Oh yeah, real nice!

Prep your grill for indirect heat setup. Use a charcoal basket to keep the charcoal nice and tight together. Pre-soak your wood chips for 30 minutes and drain before using. Place a drip pan on indirect side to protect grill. Place bratwurst on indirect side of grill. I flipped the bratwurst every 10 minutes for a total of 60 minutes grilling time. Add more chips after 30 minutes. 

Here are the Usingers after 30 minutes. Color is starting to develop.  

The internal temperature was kept between a good smoke temp of 225-250 degrees. After 60 minutes, the bratwurst turned a deep red color. These sausages are packed full of juice and mighty flavor.

Served with my Mom's pasta salad and Milwaukee's condiments, Stadium Secret Sauce, Kopp's Dusseldorf Mustard and Miller High Life beer. These bratwursts are favorites for tailgators all over the state. Top quality sausage scented with the tasty smoke of hickory wood, the smoked Usingers will knock you off your feet. Easy to make but it begs you for your patience. Smoke 'em for 60 minutes and you'll be satisfied at the finish.

Usinger's, America's feinsta wursta!

As the website says:
Usinger's is a one of a kind, nationally recognized family business devoted to the craft of sausage making. Feinschmeckers (gourmets) will discover over 70 varieties of old world sausage. From a better bratwurst to an authentic beerwurst, superior German-style wurst doesn't get any better than Usinger's... producing quality sausage products and providing excellence in customer service since 1880!


  1. We don't have Usingers here, dang. I have however, been smoking sausages the same way for years. It's perfect in every way. Plus it's a nice way to pull items out of the smoker for appetizers every hour or so, sausages are usually the first to come.

    xo, Biggles

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