Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Winning a Dog's Heart with Ears

My brother and his wife acquired a dog from the Humane Society a few years ago. Since first introduction, the dog is very weary around me. So I thought if I make her some good eats, she may come around to me and we could be friends.

I had some pig ears in my fridge and those seemed like a suitable treat for the dog.

I'll be honest, these don't look to appealing to me, hence, I'm making them for the dog. Sure, I've seen pig ears being cooked and served on the tele and it looked good but I haven't looked for a recipe I like.

I boiled the ears in a pot for 30 minutes to tender them up a bit. The smell wasn't too great by the way.

After boiling, I cut the ears into little strips. Again, the smell isn't good. Smells like what you would think a pig ear smells like after it was boiled.

At this point, the ear is real rubbery and chewy so I wanted to crisp it up a bit for the dog, trying to match pork rinds that pet shops sell for dogs.

I set up a large cast iron skillet and heated up some oil. It is a good idea to prepare this food outside as it is smelly and the frying can be a bit messy.

The pig ears crisped up real nice. They were starting to look edible to me. And I totally thought that the dog was going to love these crispy pig ears.

I allowed the ears to cool down a bit after frying. I sampled one topped with some salt and pepper and although it was crunchy, it was void of any flavor. For me, no thanks, but for the dog, I thought it could work.

My brother's dog arrived at the house and I greeted her with a fried crispy ear. I knelt down and she gingerly crept up to me. Her nose was sniffing the whole time as she neared the pig ear. She snatched it from my hand it and was chewed in seconds flat. Success! Not quite so....

She is still scared and distrustworthy of me. oh well, she enjoyed the pig ears at least.

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  1. That is one lucky dog. I happen to like pig ears.