Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Italian Classic: Sausage with Peppers

I've been on an Italian kick of late and why not, it is good cuisine and easy and fun to make. Rain came in so the humidity went down and it is nice and cool outside. A good time to fire up the barbeque and grill some Italian sausages.

Some day I would like to encase my own sausages, grind the pork and fat up and stuff them into hog casings but at this point, I don't mind at all buying local products. Usinger's is known for their German-style sausages and meats but I'm sure their Italian sausages satisfy their Italian friends.

Grilled over indirect heat at about 250-275 degrees for 45-50 minutes, the sausages become nice and plump and very juicy. Carefully consider the heat as you do not want to split the casing. Grilling over the right temp prevents all the flavor from escaping the split sausage.

After about 40 minutes, I added the green and red bell peppers along with some onions. Lightly seasoned with salt and pepper and olive oil, they sizzled immediately as they hit the grill pan.

The sausage and peppers would taste fine without a bun but I couldn't pass up purchasing some local Italian bread from Peter Sciortino's bakery, Milwaukee's finest bakery located on the east side. Those light and fluffy rolls are so perfect.

One huge reason why I love Italian food is from the simplicity of ingredients resulting in satisfying flavors. Sauted/grilled peppers and onions mix well with the slowly-grilled sausages. The Usinger's italians are seasoned beautifully while the Sciortino italian roll nestles the pork and veggies perfectly.

The sausage was so juicy, it was dripping off my fingers. Oh I love that! The only component missing was a glass of Chianti but I have to leave for work soon. Oh well, next time.


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