Saturday, January 16, 2010

Leftovers and Scraps II

The Pork Mac & Cheese was so tasty I wasn't done with the experimenting. I had some leftover deli ham and Telera buns. So I fried up a few slices of deli ham until it had a nice char and toasted the telera under the broiler. Add a few dashes of Mexican hot sauce and I came up with a carb-packed lunch of Ham, Pork, Mac & Cheese, Telera bun sandwich.

Again, this is not a ground-breaking idea, just tossing a few leftovers and scraps together to generate a meal. But it turned into a true Pork Drunk creation.

The combinations of textures: creaminess from the melted cheeses and pulled pork, crispiness from the panko, charred ham and bread, were an excellent match. It reiterates my need of having to have some sort of crunch in every meal.

Take those scraps out of your fridge and get creative. Indulge yourself, you've earned it!

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  1. Saw your website in The Foodie Blogrolls recent blogs. I like the idea of a Blog dedicated to pork....yum! I like your pictures too - very crisp!