Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Three Little Pigs

A sandwich titled Three Little Pigs from its layers of everything Pig. Its my adaptation based off of the Silver Palm Restaurant in south side Chicago, IL.

The sandwich features a ground Ancho pepper-breaded thin-cut Pork chop, smoked ham slices, melted Muenster cheese, two strips of Cast Iron pan-fried Side Pork (similar to slab bacon without the added nitrates), topped with a fried egg.

This sandwich should be reserved for days/nights of total self-debauchery, served with a hefty beer, and consumed without remorse. This sandwich is all about guilty pleasure and should be enjoyed with pure and utter restrain from porky, fatty, greasy goodness.

Serve on a roll of your choice. In this case, a Grebe’s Dutchy Crusty Roll.

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